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Phone No:

(+40) 755 990 015

E-mail Address


Sacele, Brasov


The Board of Directors


Iuliu (Gyuszi) Dopovecz

Phone No: +40 744.531.908


Emil Puscas


Madalin Iacob


Alexandru Jantea

Diana Dopovecz

Mircea Dopovecz

Anca Stupu

Florin Zbarcea

Olimpiu Alexa Pop

Armin Dogaru

Ioan Iacob

Parate Nicolae

Daniel Gherghina

Mihai Santa

Rauchman Raymond

Performance Section Coach

Anca Stupu


Activities Coordinator

Diana Dopovecz


Important events and registration fee payment for our competitions:

Begin your sports adventure and discover our passion for performance and fair play. Thank you for your interest, and we invite you to contact us for more information. Let’s build the future of sports orienteering together!

Payment details for competition fees:

Account details in RON (Romanian Lei): RO30 RNCB 0303 1383 3155 0006 BCR Brasov

Account details in EUR (Euros): RO39 RNCB 0583 1383 3155 0006 BCR Brasov

To ensure that the organization of the competitions is improved, please make the payments through the bank into the mentioned account before the deadline specified for each competition.

The shop:

Soon we will launch our online store where you will be able to purchase club equipment, shirts, orienteering accessories, and more.

Explore our collection and complete your sports wardrobe with the latest shirts, pants, training equipment, or accessories. Buy online and receive your products quickly at home.

Phone No: 0040 744.531.908



Would you like to join the club?

Babarunca Sports Club offers you the opportunity to connect with other orienteering enthusiasts. Be part of a club that celebrates sport and personal growth. Through our activities and upcoming events, we invite you to improve your health, develop your skills, explore nature, and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving personal goals.