Orienteering Workshops for Schools

What do we learn?

We develop the sense of orientation, courage, love for nature, collaboration, and responsibility!
We learn introductory notions about Orienteering as a sport discipline.
We familiarize ourselves with the basic elements of an Orienteering map.
We initiate ourselves in using the compass and the SI Card device.
We go through an Orienteering course together with the instructors.
We compete with partners in a small contest.

Where are the workshops organized?

Depending on the school’s requirements, the workshops can be held in the forests of Noua, Poiana Brașov, Lempeș, Cristian, Săcele – Highiș, Tărlungeni – Dealul Știrei, Tractorul Park, and the pedestrian area in Răcădău. Additionally, Micro Orienteering workshops can also be organized in gymnasiums or school courtyards.

What do we offer?

4 hours spent in the midst of nature
Authorized instructors (athletes or coaches specialized in Orienteering)
Color Orienteering maps to competitive standards
State-of-the-art technology specific to Orienteering competitions
Participation certificates for each student

The Orienteering Club with the most competitions organized in the last 3 years: Babarunca Cup in Ski Orienteering – 7 editions, the last one on February 11-12, 2023; Săcele O-Meeting – 5 editions – 3 days of competition, dedicated to licensed athletes; Roza Vânturilor – 11 stages/year, competition categories for all ages, 9 Orienteering courses with different difficulty levels, from beginners and family to challenging courses dedicated to licensed athletes; Moșul Cup – 5 editions, a stage held on St. Nicholas’ Eve, following the format of Roza Vânturilor.
Organizer of workshops within the Hercules project carried out by the Ministry of Sports in 2022; Workshops and team-building events organized in partnership with Adventure Studio and Joy/Zaga-Zaga Camp.

The cost of the workshop is 30 lei per person. You bring the children, and we will provide all the necessary logistics and goodwill!

Would you like to join the club?

Babarunca Sports Club offers you the opportunity to connect with other orienteering enthusiasts. Be part of a club that celebrates sport and personal growth. Through our activities and upcoming events, we invite you to improve your health, develop your skills, explore nature, and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving personal goals.