Roza Vanturilor 2024 Fees

Special Pink, Blue Free
12 – 14 years old Amateur & Elite, Shadow, MTBO Junior, over 70 years old 25 lei
Yellow, Red, Black, MTBO, Family, Big Family 35 lei
Children + MTBO Junio 40 lei
Colors+MTBO 60 lei
Subscription 12 – 14 years old Amateur & Elite, Shadow, over 70 years old 175 lei
Subscription Yellow, Red, Black, Family, Big Family 275 lei


Subscribers of Roza Vanturilor

Name Surname Category
Patras Ionut Black
Patras Adina Shadow
Rauhman Iulius Black
Dopovecz Diana Black
Dopovecz Iuliu Black
Spatariu Mihai Black
Tudorascu Maria 12-14 Elite
Tudorascu Ana 12-14 Elite
Rugina Sorin Yellow
Chirca Horia Black
Luchian Fam Family
Luchian Oana Alina Black
Pop Diana Black
Cornel Spiridon Black
Alexa Pop Maria 12-14 Elite
Alexa Pop Petru 12-14 Elite
Alexa Pop Olimpiu Black
Dopovecz Ruxandra Red
Patras Florin Yellow
Patras Mirela Red
Anghel Ionut Black
Popescu Silviu Teodor Black
Popescu Andrei Shadow
Ráduly Regina Anna 12-14 Elite
Ráduly Zsuzsanna Mária Yelow
György Gergő Yelow
Ráduly Réka Black
Păpară Claudia-Nicoleta Black
Suciu Simion Black
Gegő Hunor Black
Pascu Ana Red
Pacu Ștefan 12-14 A
Name Surname Category
Zaharia Sofia Shadow
Muntianu Teodora Yellow
Zaharia Cristina Red
Mahu Gabriel Black
Coserea Iulian Yellow
Trublemakers Irina Carmaciu Big Family
Carmaciu Mara 12-14 Amateur
Dumitru Maria Yelow
Dumitru Traian Red
Cretu Cristina Black
Sovaila Paul Yellow
Percec Vlad Black
Percec Diana Yellow
Eftimie Mihai Red
Carmaciu Adrian Red
Calinescu Mihaela Red
Birnicu Irina Yellow
Pochiu Cornel Black
Anton Marius Yellow
Sarbu Petrica Daniel Family
Grama Tudor Black
Daia Adriana Red
Brândus Ana Red
Brândus Lucian Red
Raduly Annamária Red
György László Black
Szász Neli Red
Szász János Red
Ráduly Róbert-Kálmán Black
Csúcs András Black
Popescu Tiberiu Raul Black
Gheghea Teodor Family

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