Editorial – Why the need of a magazine?

Iuliu ”Gyuszi” Dopovecz

“It’s nonsense!!”

The response from the first orienteer I shared the intention of creating a magazine exclusively dedicated to Orienteering topics hit me like a whip. Subsequently, I received a few more responses of the same kind, either directly or more subtly, and I began to seriously wonder if this idea, which was born sometime in my youth and then gained momentum as I saw similar magazines published in other countries, is indeed nonsense.

The typical dualistic principle, like “you can dig or you can not dig,” pushed me more towards the latter option because it’s always easier to remain in anticipation, to do nothing, perhaps explain to others “how it’s done,” and pass by yet another challenge of life like a “swan through water.”

The moment of revelation came when someone asked me for “the ID card.”

I then thought that this is the main purpose of such a magazine. To be an “ID card” for all those who, in one way or another, empathize with this sport discipline. We need a publication that responds to those who say to us, “it’s okay what you’re telling me, but show me something that proves it’s true.

It’s Now or Never

If it also provides useful information, presents profiles of orienteers, popularizes areas with potential or interesting competitions, it will be even better! And so, going with the idea of “now or never,” we got down to work. People with talent and love for Orienteering formed a professional team, and the result of their work is now in front of you. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts and that this magazine will represent the “identity card” of Orienteering for many years to come…!

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